ingineering 2

SOPEX CONSULTING participates in engineering studies.  

We present below the major stages, to which Sopex Consluting has contributed:

1 . The basic engineering studies consist of :

  • design studies and preliminary implementation studies ( general energy diagrams, process flow, realisation of potential soil studies, of resistance ...)
  • definition and sizing of equipment necessary for the proper operation of the installation
  • identification and characterisation of effluents and of control and safety devices.
  • establishment of a basic engineering to move to the second stage.

2 . The pre-detailed studies that include:

  • mechanical equipment specifications
  • calculations for the use of energy and fluids, refinement of fluid circulation plans preparation of tenders for equipment
  • detailed site plans
  • the first plans of civil engineering including electricity, pipes ....

It is at this stage that we have the specifications to achieve the procurements for most of the equipment and materials

3 . The detailed studies consist in:

  • placing orders for equipment , establish contracts , negotiate, ...
  • preparing fluid circulation plans so that the construction can be made.
  • preparing detailed plans for civil engineering, electricity , piping, ...
  • integrating suppliers’ equipment plans.
  • making a planning and putting into place a monitoring system in particular of expenses ,
  • preparing for the implementation of site

Some references:

  • Study of potable water in the Pool region , particularly Lot 3 covering the localities of Mindouli and Loumou " Republic of Congo
  • Technical study of the bridge over the Londo River and rehabilitation of the Yambé Loulombo axis, Department of Bouenza, Republic of Congo
  • Implementation of the detailed design engineering study (FEED) and preparation of the tender dossier (DAO) of the construction project of a production sugar cane plant in Foum Gleita
  • Formulation and feasibility study of a proposed processing corn plant in Congo

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