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SOPEX CONSULTING has more than 60 years of experience in farm management in tropical and subtropical regions growing cereals, pulses, cash crops, vegetables and other crops.

The company is able to provide its expertise in feasibility studies and preparation of business plans, agricultural estate planning and creation, management assistance, organization, technical and financial audits, staff training.

The advantages of working with SOPEX are as follow:
  • Long experience in management of farms, belonging to the company or its clients (up to thousands of ha)
  • Working experience in difficult and adverse conditions
  • Use of adequate practices with a good balance between efficiency and cost, while keeping in mind the preservation of natural resources
  • Independency to suppliers in order to provide the most objective advice to the client
  • Good knowledge of preserving and processing techniques
  • Use of renewable energy when feasible
Some of our recent references:
  • 1,200 ha Corn production as well as other crops for GDK in the Democratic Republic of Congo (SOPEX being the main shareholder of the local company since 2003)
  • 2,000 ha Oil Palm estate and extraction unit in Guinea
  • Prefeasibility for two 4,000 ha commercial Rice farms in Sierra Leone
  • Business plan preparation for a 10,000 ha multicrops farm in the North D. R. Congo
  • Feasibility study to develop the Rubber sector (10.000 ha) and a processing unit in Congo
  • Technical assistance to 4 Sugarcane estates (22.000 ha in total) in Côte d’Ivoire
More particularly SOPEX is providing:
  • Analysis of production conditions: soil, topography, water, climate and economic environment
  • Advice on varieties selection, herbicides and fertilizer program, pest management
  • Solutions for water management (irrigation, drainage), cropping techniques and crop cycles
  • Advice on agricultural equipment purchase (selection and negotiation of the best prices); revised second hand and brand new equipment
  • Livestock & grasslands : cattle ranch management, establishment and maintenance of improved pastures, advise on husbandry planning, zoo-sanitary actions and slaughtering,  feeding
  • Advice and assistance on farm management (organization, operation, human resource management, logistics, financials)
  • Training and management advice for the technical monitoring of equipment, machinery and materials; technical assistance to the workshop and maintenance planning.
  • Assistance to improve production costs and yield; looking for the best differential of profit
  • Solutions to rationalize the use of vehicles and to reduce fuel consumption
  • Full feasibility studies, business plans and marketing studies / analyses

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